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Central Oregon DX Club -- N7LE / NE6LE

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W1AW/7 ARRL Centennial QSO Party Operation Summary

April 2-8, 2014: what a week it was for our team of 17 operators from CODXC.    From huge pileups to lonely late-night endless CQs on 160 meters, this week had it all.    It was great fun and an epic test of man and machine.   

Overall we logged 39,811 QSOs (after netting out dupes, the count was 38,174).    If that holds, as of now we have the seventh highest score of the 26 states reporting.    Here's the top of the list as of 4/13:

  W1AW/3 	PA	61,878  
  W1AW/5 	NM 	51,553 
  W1AW/4 	FL 	50,046 
  W1AW/7 	AZ 	45,836 
  W1AW/9 	WI 	44,175 
  W1AW/7 	ID 	38,226  
  W1AW/7	OR	38,174
  W1AW/8 	OH 	37,805 
  W1AW/6 	CA 	37,148
By day of the week, here are the QSO totals:
  Day 1     9,120 
  Day 2     6,993 
  Day 3     5,748 
  Day 4     5,801 
  Day 5     4,674 
  Day 6     2,656 
  Day 7     3,182 
We had 15,439 unique callsigns in our combined log.    Thanks to everybody who worked us!

Overall, we worked 134 DXCC entities.    Here are those totals by band and mode:
  160m      6
   80m     14
   40m     61
   30m     62
   20m     89
   17m     77
   15m     96
   12m     61
   10m     83
    6m      1

  CW   	  111
  Digi     71
  SSB  	  102
It looks like nine stations made the clean sweep of 26 band/mode combinations.    Here are the top 30:
  W7MEM	   28
  N4SC	   27
  W9OO	   27
  K5WAF	   26
  K8FL	   26
  KM6HB	   26
  KT9L	   26
  N5BCA	   26
  N5FH	   26
  AL7TC	   25
  K8FH	   25
  N5AQ	   25
  N7RO	   25
  N9LB	   25
  VE7VQ	   25
  W4ML	   25
  WB4OSS   25
  WB5GNR   25
  AI9T	   24
  K0AWU	   24
  K4ADR	   24
  K5LJ	   24
  K8EUR	   24
  KI4TWA   24
  N2WK	   24
  N7ELL	   24
  N9WKW	   24
  VA3KA	   24
  W4LSC	   24
  WO4DX	   24 

The 17 operators that participated: AE7IK, AA5TL, K2DI, K4XU, K7LLC, K7SQ, K7ZM, KK7YC, KS7V, NX1P, W6RA, W7VS, W7YAQ, W7YOW, WA7AJ, WA7ND, WS7N.

And many, many thanks from all CODXC club members and everybody that worked us to W7YAQ for organizing and running the W1AW/7 (OR) operation! Job well done!

CODXC Hosts W1AW/7 for ARRL Centennial QSO Party April 2-8, 2014

The ARRL Centennial QSO Party is a year-long operating event that celebrates the 100-year anniversary of the American Radio Relay League (link to ARRL info).   One of the main activities of the celebration is the activation of W1AW operating portable from each state and most US territories.   The Central Oregon DX Club was invited by the ARRL to host W1AW/7 for the first of two weeks that the state of Oregon will be activated.   Club members from the CODXC will be operating as W1AW/7 for seven days, from April 2 through April 8.    The other Oregon week will be September 3-9, hosted by the Willamette Valley DX Club.

Bob Norin W7YAQ is coordinating the April CODXC W1AW/7 operating schedule.    We expect to have as many as six stations on the air simultaneously.

Go here for details and operating schedules for the CODXC operations.

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